La maison du garde forestier - Gustav Klimt


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i keep on playing this game where whenever someone stares at me as i walk past i stare back completely emotionless

so far they all quickly look away

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taylor series will be the death of me because my calculus teacher is always too high to teach and he doesn’t even understand the topic even though it is on the test tomorrow ugh ugh ugh ugh

best slime of it all


by Purienne

preemptively eulogizing summer, i am

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everything is a little bit better when you find a mulberry tree with your friends and you stain your hands and draw on each other’s faces 

atleast we have a day bed on our balcony now so i never have to go to the library again and i can smell all the weed of my neighbors and smoke lavender anxiously

too sad to be awake is how i feel all the time but it doesn’t help that you hate sleep



Mark Griffith
Against the Dawn

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making things worse while slowly making them better

what even is the wall at the pool tonight it feels like spring breakers