Paper Virgin outtakes 

i am a sailor baby that plays with flares and is going off to sea in the new england waves 

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sailing through the night for the first time today. delivering a 50 foot sailboat with 6 other people from newport, ri to oyster bay, ny



Olivia Bee and Andrew Lyman for Yen magazine part 2 by Marisa Chafetz

me and andrew (my other boyfriend) by marisa chavetz for yen

this is why i hate being forced to work out and eat twice as much as i normally do

William Eggleston Untitled Flowering Field 1978

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Eduardo Souto de Moura - Two houses, Ponte de Lima 2002.

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Badlands (Terrence Malick, 1973)

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cap blanc nez, France

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Lena Kucher

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i will miss my baby california sailing boys and all their silliness 

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